Jan-15  The Eclipse presented to the italian market
Apr-12 Alitalia signs an agreement for the introduction of the WheelTug system on its A320 fleet 
Nov-14 G&G celebrates 20 years
Apr-15 Eclipse and Kestrel form One Aviation
Dec-14  G&G calendar 2015 introduced
Sep-14 Aeris Aviation and G&G annunce a cooperation on sales of the business jet Eclipse
Apr-14 G&G rappresents MD Helicopters in Italy
Apr-13  MD-80 aircraft purchasing completed
Mar-13 Livingston is the second italian  customer of WheelTug
May-12 G&G Aviation presents Air-more, a new approach to the aviation market
Jun-15 One Aviation estends the warranty of the Eclipse 550 to 5 year and offers the Eclipse Advantage maintenance program
Jun-15  One Aviation launched Eclipse "Special Edition"
Aug-15 Eclipse now for sale in  Harrods
Nov-15 Eclipse 550 gets EASA certification
Jan-16 G&G Aviation becomes European representative of 
Global Engine Maintenance

Dec-15 Here is  DeCollage:
the 2016 G&G calendar
Aug-16 One Aviation further improves the Eclipse with the "Project Canada" in SPECIAL OFFER
Jan-17 WheelTug gets FAA approval for the certification plan
Jan-17 Flying Metals, the 2017   G&G calendar
Apr-17 EDM to launch virtual reality cabin crew training simulators
Jun-17 G&G Aviation becomes an associate of Sparfell & Partners
Nov-17 Sparfell launches interior design and accessorizing
Oct-18 G&G enters into the Allianx partnership
Nov-18 G&G Aviation celebrates its 24th anniversary with a new company image
Jul-19 Sparfell Group becomes also an aircraft operator with the acquisition of Lauda Motion Executive
Nov-19  Blue Panorama reserves WheelTug slots
G&G celebrates  25 Years