DeCollage, the 2016 G&G calendar


The G&G calendar for 2016, titled DeCollage, is ready.

For this year the authoress, Daniela Santinelli, made the images using a technique, which could be defined as an impressionist collage, inspired by the works of Derek Gores.

Infact each picture, which seen from a distance shows an aviation subject, is actually composed by hundreds of cutouts from magazines, catalogs and  newspaper, sapiently chosen and matched.

In practice nothing is what it seems and, with a deeper look, it is possible to find in the calendar the most different objects like an audio headset, a tube of concrete, pupils of an actress, cabinets, suitcases, car, cauliflower, diamonds and gemstones, maps, armchairs, a bicycle wheel, butterfly wings, ancient columns,  female silhouettes, sweaters, cell phones, a tie etc.

Presenting the 2016 calendar G&G MD said: “I’m really happy of the work done this year, which I don’t hesitate to define an artwork. The technique used, recycling material printed for other purposes, gives them a new life and identity composing a result which, beside having an evident visual impact, generates curiosity and admiration”.


DOWNLOAD  the 2016 G&G calendar in pdf