G&G Aviation presents Air-more, a new approach to the aeronautical market




Air-more (Air market opportunities research) is the new service presented by G&G Aviation, for the sale, purchase and leasing of commercial and business aircraft, helicopters and turbine engines.


Combining its consolidated experience in the field with the potential of the web, G&G Aviation offers to aircraft owners and operators the possibility to market or research the most appropriate solutions in a totally assisted and filtered manner.


The service is centered on the new site www.air-more.com which will be fully operational in June 2012 but that already allows the possibility to submit requests and offers for aircraft and engines taking advantage, among the others, of the special introductory terms applicable up to the definitive launching of the site.


In the first phase G&G Aviation verifies, through its own network of contacts and information, the possible opportunities to present to the customer and, subsequently, extends the research to the entire market publishing an AD on the site but without showing identifications of neither the customer nor of the aircraft or engine.

In such a way the customers receives only the notices from actually interested users and the assett is not over exposed on the market thus avoiding the problems which tipically affect the traditional methods.


The Air-more service is totally free for the advertiser, up to the actual finalization of an agreement between the parties, and always for the users who obtain information on the current offers or requests from the site.


Upon conclusion of a purchase or lease agreement with a counterpart introduced by Air-more, the customer inserting the AD shall pay a “Success Fee” determined, in a progressively decreasing manner, on the total value of the transaction and which can be further reduced in case the exclusivity be granted for a certain period.


With this new initiative”, said Mr. Piccione (MD&CEO of G&G) “we intend to offer something more and establish a further channel of contacts which could allow our potential international customers, in particular in the executive field, to know our activities and use an innovative type of service which grants high results with minor involvment from their side.

In addition, through the site, will be possible to access a range of ancilliary services like, aircraft appraisal and inspection or contract negotiation”.


The image & marketing coordinator of G&G, Ms. Daniela Santinelli, added: “The Air-more logo, utilizing the tipical “A” and colors, establishes a solid link with G&G strong position while the curved lines express at the same time the spreading of information on the market, the use of modern transmission technologies and, with the upward orientation, the concept of increase inherent in the word more.