Flying Metals
2017 G&G calendar 
For G&G calendar of this year, Daniela Santinelli, has created the images using  polimateric painting techniques.  
Infact each image on canvas is composed, on the background, assembling tissue paper, sand, glue etc. with acrylic paint. The colours are mixed with the materials to obtain tridimensional effects otherwise unthinkable.

The aviation subects, which are manually embossed from aluminum and copper sheets, or cur from cardboaard treated with heavy modelling paste, reflecting the light in different manner depending on the angle animate the ensemble.
Beside the classic format that has been mailed, it is available on line a desktop version in pdf format which can be downloaded for free sending an e-mail without object nor text to receive the link.
Once printed each A4 sheet (preferreably over 150g/sqm) has to be folded in two in order to have on one side the small image and the days and on the opposite side the larger image.