ONE Aviation launched  the Eclipse Special Edition (SE). The Eclipse SE is a factory-renewed Eclipse 500 which has been substantially upgraded and reconfigured to include nearly all new features introduced on the new Eclipse 550, including a Dual Avio Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS), Anti-skid Brake System, a newly designed pilot-side Standby Display Unit, PPG glass windshields, new premium interior, and deluxe two-tone paint scheme
The Eclipse SE is delivered with all mandatory and recommended  Service Bulletins accomplished, with P&W ESP Gold paid up to aircraft delivery and with one Type Rating course included in the price slightly above 2M$. All existing Eclipse 550 options can be ordered also for the SE.
With the introduction of the Eclipse SE, the production of Total Eclipse will be discontinued.
The Eclipse SE has a 3 year manufacturer warranty and is provided with the  Eclipse Advantage maintenance plan for 3 years. Such plan includes all standard labor and parts costs for required, scheduled inspections including the 300 hour and 24 month inspection, as well as lesser inspections such as battery cap checks, fire extinguisher inspections, and more. These features are the same offered for the Eclipse 550 with the only difference of the duration reduced to 3 years instead of 5.