The activity of  G&G, that was initially aimed to the airlines, was subsequently extended to flight schools, leasing companies, airports and executive aviation.

The synergies deriving  from the  interaction and integration between the represented companies, the worldwide extended network of high level contacts and cooperations and the consolidated experience in the field, allow G&G Aviation to provide to its customers diversified, effective and original solutions in all fields of the civil aviation as resumed in the  motto:
                         Infinite solutions
G&G Aviation was founded in Rome, at the end of 1994,   byGiovanni Francesco Piccione (current MD & CEO) & Giuliano Malfetti.

Strong of the long experience gained in Alitalia,  where they coordinated the purchasing, sale and leasing of the Group fleet, the partners intended to create, in response to the requirements of the aviation market which was in great evolution at that time, a counterpart capable of providing an integrated and qualified support in term of products, services and consulting.
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