The consulting offered by  G&G Aviation may cover all areas of the civil aviation including:

- Development of  business plans
- Aircraft selection for the required missions
- Aircraft technical evaluation
- Negotiation of aircraft contracts (purchase, sale or lease)
- Set-up and managements of tenders for the purchase or sale of products and services
- Airline survey and evaluation (company value, review of organization etc.)
- Research and negotiation for the supplying of maintenance and training
- Auditing of airline operating planning
- Evaluation and selection of fleet insurance coverages
- Assistance for obtaining authorizations and certifications from Civil Aviation Authorities
- Head hunting of staff and management
- Creation and design of name, logo and general image of new and exhisting operators
(Global Image Coordination)

While some of the services are specific to airlines, the majority can be provided to any commercial, executive and aerial work operator or aviation financing entity.

G&G Aviation consulting is based on the direct experience and skills as well as on those of the represented companies and takes advantage of the relationships entertained with aircraft manufacturers and financial companies. Whenever necessary G&G does also coordinate the activity of indipendent experts.

A constant monitoring of available aircraft and of the main transactions taking place on the market is carried on by G&G in order to support its direct trading activity and the consulting expertise.

G&G Aviation has been hired by various airlines and privates to conduct, on their behalf, negotiation on
new aircraft purchasing and leasing  as well as for used aircraft sales and for maintenance agreements relevant to airframe, engines and components.

The total value of the agreements negotiated by G&G in the recent years far exceeds
one billion USD.