G&G proudly offers to airlines WheelTug the system that allows narrow body aircraft to autonomously move back and forth on the ramp  using, instead of tractors and jet engines, an electric motor installed in the nose wheels and powered by the APU.

This great idea provides huge advantages to the operators in terms of fuel burn, time savings (up to 20 minutes per cycle) and safety which, all together,   translate into tremendous economic savings that may turn operations from loss to profit.

The system is also offered with an innovative business approach that does not require any investment from the airline and bases payments on actually achieved savings.

See WheelTug in action
the Wheeltug system has been reserved by
over 25 airlines
worldwide for installation on more than
1200 aircraft
of the A320 and B737NG families

G&G in Wheeltug booth at Paris Air Show 2015
For more information visit Wheeltug site
the revolutionary aircraft electric taxiing system