For the trading of aircraft and helicopters G&G acts on its own or in cooperation with specialized and reliable partners belonging to its worldwide network of contacts.
In case of sale of an aircraft the specialists of G&G  do:
Evaluate the aircraft with reference to the market to determine the        proper asking price
Advertise the aircraft in different and effective ways
Arrange the inspection of the aircraft by potential buyers
Carry the commercial and contractual negotiation
Assist on title transfer procedures

Also for executive aircraft and helicopters trading, G&G proposes,   through the site,  an additional innovative method combining the usual professionalism with the opportunities granted by internet network.
The possibility of using the most appropriate partner for each transaction allows G&G to offer each customer personalized support which can go up to a complete consultancy service in which G&G represents the buyer in full, taking care of his interests throughout the entire trading process.

Infact for a customer wishing to buy an aircraft  the assistance may include:

Evaluation of the aircraft type most suitable to customer requirements
Research of actually available aircraft on both the new and used market
Technical and economical evaluation of the aircraft identified on the market
Commercial and contractual negotiation for the selected aircraft
Research of the best solutions for the technical management of the aircraft
Management of possible modifications or interior refurbishing
Assistance on title transfer and aircraft registration procedures