Aircraft and engines inspection
Aircraft technical acceptance
Review of technical records and traceability
Aircraft delivery
Assistance in the workscope definitions
Technical representation c/o third party facilities
Rewiev and updating of maintenance manual and procedures

The technical services can be provided both in support or in substitution of the operator internal structure, for example in workload peeks of the latter.

In other cases the inspections and records analysis can be made to assess the status of the aircraft, in view of its possible acquisition or appraisal, or the compliance with the contract terms upon a redelivery at lease end.

Before assigning the performance of a maintenance event to a third party shop, it is quite important, especially for engines, to  properly define the workscope in order to optimize the cost of the event versus the expected lenght of operations to the next one.

Among other activities G&G  Technical Services coordinated, on behalf of Seller, the complete acceptance/delivery process of 11 MD-82, to various Italian and foreign customers, and worked aside a major airline in the review of   technical documentation for the  phase in of a non EASA aircraft.
G&G Aviation offers  a wide range of technical services, that facilitate the fleet management, including: