Blue Panorama reserves WheelTug slots
The italian airline Blue Panorama has reached an agreement with electric taxi company WheelTug plc to secure production slots for the Blue Panorama fleet of Boeing 737NG family aircraft.

Using high-torque motors installed in the nose gear wheels, the innovative WheelTug system offers pilots greater mobility and autonomy while on the ground. Pilots will no longer rely on tugs for pushback, and can remove the risk of jet blast when maneuvering in tight spaces close to the terminal.
With WheelTug systems installed, Blue Panorama will be able to make its ground operations more efficient, reducing costs and overall flight times to improve system-wide performance.

"We are happy to welcome Blue Panorama to the WheelTug program,” said WheelTug CEO Isaiah Cox, “WheelTug will help Blue Panorama save time and cut expenses across its network."
G&G Aviation, which represents WheelTug for years, has also contributed to the signature of a similar agreement with Alitalia that has been among the launching customers for the system.
additional info on the system are available on the site of  WheelTug