G&G cooperates with lessors both proposing, or searching on request, aircraft to purchase and procuring customers for the lease of already available airplanes and helicopters.

The activities performed for the leasing companies may also include the research for
"sale & lease back" opportunities or the consolidation of transactions in which G&G presents, at the same time, a leasing requirement from an operator and the availability of a suitable aircraft to purchase.

G&G can, especially in the preliminary phases, act on behalf of the lessor without disclosing its identity, thus allowing a more discrete exploration of opportunities, while in the following phases may provide a complete support in the relationship with the operator for the following aspects:

- Negotiation with the potential lessee
- Assistance in the drafting and finalization of LOI 
- Organization of the aircraft inspection and acceptance process 
- Assistance in the drafting and finalization of the lease agreement
- Lease management (calculation of amounts to be invoiced, management of maintenance reserves etc.)
- Coordination and management of maintenance events and records
- Periodical technical and administrative audit 
- Payment management
- Management of the aircraft return, at lease end, with evaluation of the aircraft status and definition/negotiation of the
  applicable economical or technical adjustments.