For the recovery and maintenance of aircraft G&G Aviation can supply hangars, with aluminum modular  structure, designed on the specific customer requirements.
These hangars, with a span up to 90 m, can accomodate
any type of aircraft and helicopter and feature a fast installation, the possibility to be relocated and a cost significantly lower than a conventional structure.

The structures are produced in Italy and can be installed on the airport pavement without the need for special foundations.
Wide doors of various types are also made by the same factory.
The resistance to wind and snow loads can be optimized on the basis of the typical data  for the planned location.
The sides can be closed by Pvc fabric or rigid panels and  several accessories, including internal cranes, can be supplied depending on the intended use of the structure.

In addition to the use as hangars the  wide range of modular coverings, that can be made in any lenght,   are suitable to realize
passenger terminals, cargo  and spare parts stores.