G&G  supplies also specific simulators for training of cabin attendants to the use of the doors, the management of emergency situations and the on board services.

The equipment are made by the english company
EDM, worldwide leader in this field, that G&G represents in Italy.
The utilization of Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers or CEET, which is increasingly required by the aviation authorities, provides a more complete and efficient training in comparison with that made on the actual aircraft. It is infact possible to use the emergency slides, to avoid damages to the aircraft doors that, contrary to the simulated doors, are not designed for continuous opening/closing, and to save the aircraft ground time.
Such characteristics, along with the possibility to perform also the training for on board services and the combined one between flight and cabin crews , provide a quick return on investment.

In order to grant the maximum training fidelity, the simulators can be equipped with  visual systems on the cabin windows, of motion systems, to represent the position of the aircraft in case of landing gear collapse and of fire and smoke simulation.
La EDM produces also Door Trainers and other types of equipment and  mock-up for civil and military use.

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