The Eclipse 550 has a capacity up to 5 passengers  and a range of  1.125 nautical miles. The aircraft can fly at 41.000 feet and at a speed of  375 knots.

Certified for single pilot, the Eclipse 550 has  dual integrated FMS, antiskid system, XM Meteo with moving map, WAAS, Auto Throttle, Synthetic Vision  and more.

Since June 2015 One Aviation offers also the Eclipse SE, a cheaper version made on the basis of an existing Eclipse 500.
On 15 april 2015, at the opening of the  Aero Expo in Friedrichschafen,  Eclispe Aerospace and Kestrel Aviation annunced the formation of a new company, named  One Aviation, that will produce both the jet Eclipse 550 and the composit turboprop  Kestrel 350 currently under development.
The most efficient and economic twin jet in the world
The Eclipse 550, produced by  Eclipse Aerospace, combines the lowest acquisition and operating costs, for a twin jet, with excellent equipment and performances. The aircraft is offered with a 5 year warranty and the Eclipse Advantage maintenance program which covers parts and labor costs for all scheduled events of the first 5 years or 1,000 flight hours.
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