The proper assesment of the fair market value of an aircraft is fundamental in any transaction in order to guarantee the interest of the buyer and/or that of the finance company behind the purchasing.
Thanks to its wide technical and commercial experience G&G Aviation is very active, and is a leader in Italy, in  the appraisal concerning any type of civil aircraft that, depending on customer requirements can provide indications about:
- Current market value (for used aircraft)
- Consistency of the purchase price (for new aircraft)
- Forecast of future market value (i.e. at the end of a lease period)
- Commercial value after cargo conversion or specific maintenance events
- Value with special equipment
The appraisal process, that may include the phisical inspection of the aircraft and relevant documentation, is always based on the actual market conditions, which are continuously monitored, and can also regard stocks of aeronautical materials.

The main customers for the above activities are Financial and Leasing Companies, Airlines, Small Operators, and Company Receivers.

Beside aicraft appraisals, G&G makes also evaluations of entire aviation organizations  (airlines, airplane and helicopter operators, maintenance shops)  or specific portions thereof.
These types of evaluations, generally made for  management, shareholders or potential buyers,  include also the analysis of commercial, management, and balance sheet  aspects.