G&G manages in a global manner all the aspects relevant to the sale, purchase and lease of aircraft and engines ranging from the regional turboprop to the long haul wide body.

       Purchasing of new equipment

       Trading of used equipment

       Short and long terms leasing

       ACMI leasing

       Management of assets at the end of life

       Sale & Lease Back transactions

       Engine Exchange
Thanks to the long experience and the integration of the resources available in the wide and diversified network of representations, cooperations and contacts at worldwide level, G&G Aviation is in position to offer a tailored support for the fleet management.

For the aircraft and engine trading G&G propose also an innovative method, through the web site that combines the usual professionality with the opportunities offered by the internet network.
All aircraft trading and ACMI are conducted in association with Sparfell & Partners the Swiss group specializing in aircraft sales, acquisition and ACMI with a worldwide coverage.

Engine transactions and aircraft dry leasing  are managed in cooperation with other specializing partners in the extensive G&G network or acting as a consultant in the selection and negotiation process.